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Smile Makeover

“What do you see when you smile?” Perfectly aligned, symmetrical white teeth? Or something that’s crooked, chipped, filled or stained teeth..


Whatever you dislike about your teeth, Dr. Gupta can give you a wonderful smile makeover. We’ll talk through all the different options available and explain exactly what’s involved, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Smile makeovers can rectify many dental issues. Whether it involves crowded teeth or gaps, One or two teeth protruding or missing, making you embarrassed to smile in public. Yellowed teeth which can be unattractive and ageing. Or perhaps some of your teeth are too short or long or a gummy smile…

No matter how mild or extreme your case, we offer a perfect solution with a smile makeover, whether it’s a single treatment or a combination of several different dental procedures.